Love Neutral Planners?

The Landscape & Portrait Undated Planner in Neutral is Here!

This is the exact same planner as the Colorful Undated, just in a more sleek black and white color palette.

It works in both Landscape and Portrait Mode and with over 20,000 hyperlinks, you will navigate through your days, weeks and months with ease. This is an undated, digital planner, but yet, fully hyperlinked. You have a choice of 5 coil styles, 3 start options and 3 weekly layouts that total 45 different combinations! It also includes 7 Notebook sections with 53 paper templates and over 700 stickers.

Plus you can try it out for free before you buy it :-) Head on over to my downloads page and grab one today! The trial is in the colorful color palette, but is the exact same layout, so you can see if you like it.