2022 Ultimate Landscape & Portrait Planner & 12 Subject Notebook

My Newest Planner

This is quite possibly the best planner I have made yet! I am absolutely in love with it. It is packed with features you will love too.

I think what makes this planner so wonderful is the navigation. I added week links to all of the mini reference calendars which are on all month, week and daily pages. Plus you not only get the current month’s mini calendar, but you get next month’s mini calendar on every page too!

In addition to that, there is a 12 subject notebook with 53 templates, 17 covers and 975 stickers!

And did I mention, I made a BONUS FREEBIE for November and December 2021 that you can download right now!!!

Since this planner will work on either Landscape or Portrait mode, you also get it in all 5 coil styles too: silver, gold, rose gold, black and no coil if you prefer a more subtle page.

Watch the walkthrough video I made on my tutorials page, or try it out for free before you buy it :-) The bonus trial is in the neutral color palette, but is available for sale in my 4 standard palettes.

If you have any questions, just ask!