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2021 Deluxe Dated Digital Planner Walkthrough

2021 Digital Monthly PlanBook Walkthrough

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Digital Notebook Tutorials feat. GoodNotes

I have put together a few tutorials in case you are new to digital planning and wonder what it’s all about. This is a series of 8 quick videos that walks you through my 12 Tab Digital Notebook using the GoodNotes app (which is my favorite app), but the Notebook will work perfectly on any device and app that supported annotated PDFs. To see more, please visit my YouTube Channel.


Episode 1: Digital Notebook Walkthrough

Episode 2: Importing Your PDF into GoodNotes

Episode 3: Building Your Table of Contents

Episode 4: Paper Options

Episode 5: Duplicating Pages

Episode 6: Using the Quick Note Tab

Episode 7: Adding Custom Pen Colors

Episode 8: Replacing Notebook Covers