Being organized is a way of life. It is what’s going to help you achieve that goal and dream. The planners and notebooks that I design are not just products, they are what I need to take control and simplify my life. One size doesn’t fit all, so please use the free downloads I have provided below, so you can try before you buy and figure out what will make your life easier, better and brighter.

If you are new digital planning and note taking, or just want to see what it is all about, head on over to my tutorial page where I go in depth with the basics.




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Are You on TikTok?

I am, come say Hi and get a special coupon! TikTok is just the absolute best!! My family and I have been on it since 2019, and it really got us through the pandemic. If you are on it too, come on over, leave a comment and say Hi! I am starting to make digital…

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2022 Ultimate Landscape & Portrait Planner & 12 Subject Notebook

My Newest Planner This is quite possibly the best planner I have made yet! I am absolutely in love with it. It is packed with features you will love too. I think what makes this planner so wonderful is the navigation. I added week links to all of the mini reference calendars which are on…

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New Tutorial Available!

iOS 15 GoodNotes Notebook Shortcuts Head on over to my tutorials page to see a new video about how to add a GoodNotes shortcut for a specific Notebook or Template. This is an updated tutorial from last year since the shortcut app has changed with the new iOS 15. If you don’t already know how,…

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2022 Deluxe Digital Planner & 12 Subject Notebook

All 4 color palettes are now available! Everybody’s favorite daily, weekly and monthly planner is back! For 2022, I have made a few changes, and I think you will love them. It now includes a 12 Subject Notebook with 35 templates! Watch the walkthrough video I made on my tutorials page, or try it out…

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