GoodNotes Tutorials



My Set-Up

In the below videos I am using the following:

GoodNotes 5, iPad Pro 11″ (unless otherwise stated), Supershieldz Matte Screen Protector (on Amazon), Apple Pencil 2 with grip.


2022-2023 Academic Ultimate Digital Planner – Walkthrough

Weekly Meal Planning and Grocery Templates – Walkthrough

2022-2023 Academic Deluxe Digital Planner – Walkthrough

GOOD VIBES – Daily Intentional Journal – Walkthrough

2022 Ultimate Landscape and Portrait Digital Planner and 12 Subject Notebook – Walkthrough

2022 Deluxe Digital Planner and 12 Subject Notebook – Walkthrough

2022 Digital Monthly Planner and 12 Subject Notebook – Walkthrough

Undated Landscape & Portrait Combo Digital Planner – Walkthrough

53 Essential Template Pack – Walkthrough See the Templates and How To Use the Landscape and Portrait Feature

Landscape & Portrait Combination Digital Notebook- How to Use and See the Included Styles

Landscape & Portrait Digital Notebook Walkthrough – See the 53 Templates

2021 Deluxe Dated Digital Planner Walkthrough



**UPDATED FOR iOS 15** How to Add an iPad Shortcut to Any GoodNotes Notebook

How to Personalize the Divider Tabs in Your Digital Notebook

How to Add an iPad Shortcut to Any GoodNotes Notebook

Stickers 101

How to Use a Dropbox Link to Import your GoodNotes File

In many of the items I sell, the PDF file is too large for Etsy to handle, so I use a Dropbox Link instead. Watch the below video to see how to get your file from that link into GoodNotes.

Using Split Screen on the iPad with GoodNotes

This video also shows you how to drag in anything from Safari or another app.

Basic Digital Tutorials


This is a series of 8 quick videos that walks you through my 12 Tab Digital Notebook using the GoodNotes app (which is my favorite app), but the Notebook will work perfectly on any device and app that supported annotated PDFs.

The tutorials are relevant for any GoodNotes PDF.

Episode 1: Digital Notebook Walkthrough

Episode 2: Importing Your PDF into GoodNotes

Episode 3: Building Your Table of Contents

Episode 4: Paper Options

Episode 5: Duplicating Pages

Episode 6: Using the Quick Note Tab

Episode 7: Adding Custom Pen Colors

Episode 8: Replacing Notebook Covers